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BadCredit.Org – DNotes Global: A Blockchain-Based Payments Ecosystem that Fosters Cryptocurrency Usage and Enhances Accessibility

As featured on: https://www.badcredit.org/news/dnotes-facilitates-expanded-crypto-usage-and-accessibility/ When people think of cryptocurrency, two industries likely spring to mind: technology and finance. And if someone invests in cryptocurrency, there’s…

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HERo Announces Launch of Membership Platform for Empowering Female Professionals and Entrepreneurs

HERo today announced the launch of the HERo membership platform, designed to empower female professionals, business owners, women’s groups, and others. The membership program will…

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DNotes Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary, Founder Alan Yong Reveals the Vision of Mass Adoption Goal for 2024

DNotes Global, Inc. today celebrates the fifth anniversary of the DNotes digital currency. Company co-founder and CEO Alan Yong marked the occasion by revealing his…

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HERo Announces New Partnership with WeTogether to Promote Women’s Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

HERo and WeTogether.co have announced a new partnership to further their shared goal of helping promote women in technology. According to statements from both companies,…

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After Four Years of Diligent Efforts to Encourage Women’s Participation in Cryptocurrency, CryptoMoms has Evolved to Become HERo

DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the launch of HERo – the next evolution of CryptoMoms, which was founded in 2014 to encourage women’s participation in…

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DNotes Global Inc Announces Release of DNotes Trading Bot

DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the release of DNotes Bot, a trading bot designed to assist cryptocurrency exchange traders by providing automated trading for buy…

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